More Photos From a Tabletop Arch Wedding

This tabletop arch adds to the beauty of this late 1940s/early 1950s wedding setting.  So does that gorgeous tablecloth.  And they’re both affordable ways to add vintage  charm to YOUR wedding.

Photos to the left and below:  During and after the ceremony.

Notice the use of “twin” flower baskets, tall candelabras, and (partly seen in the photo to the left) potted palms.

A little girl with a big - and wide - responsibility.

This close-up of the bride’s bouquet shows that it featured at least one orchid in the middle.

This couple really seemed to like that “palm frond” look.  Did you notice the fronds laid diagonally on the table, the long fronds in the flower girl’s basket, and the frond-like decoration that’s stretched over their heads?  More ideas that you could copy.

Do wedding participants still gather around the wedding cake like this to pose for a photo?  I don’t think so.  But you could help revive the tradition.  Then, like this happy couple, you could kick everybody else out and eat the cake all by yourself.  (Kidding!)