This photo has already been featured on the Spinster’s Page One, but if you want to see more of the festivities, just look below.  Take your time.  There’s no hurry.  The party never ends here on the World Wide Web!

Shower Time!

The bride (far left) looks embarrassed as she opens her gifts.  Her stylish guests seem to be enjoying her embarrassment. 

Here she is!  On her wedding day.  If you were wondering what kind of a guy she chose, now you  know.

Hmmm.  Do these hats remind you of this flower arrangement?

I don’t know whether that’s lingerie or a slip, but the ladies obviously like it almost as much as they like to smoke.

Admiring more gifts.  Hey, where’d the bride go?

Did you notice this party guest’s three color shoes and the patchwork-like coloring that’s been added to her dress?  Intriguing.